I would like to get married at Our Lady of Victory Church. What are the steps we need to take?

    • The couple should read the Marriage Guidelines – Printable Booklet
    • Each Catholic party will need to request an updated baptismal certificate from your church of Baptism; (the original certificate that was issued at your baptism is not acceptable).  When requesting this certificate, please state “with notations”.
    • Contact the Parish Office to determine if the wedding date you desire is available.  Arrangements for a wedding must be done a minimum of 6 months in advance of the desired date.

Once the couple has all the required documentation the couple must:

    • Schedule the initial appointment with the Priest to determine the eligibility of the engaged couple according to civil and church law.
    • At this meeting you will need to do the following to secure a date:
      • Present the required documents (Updated Baptismal Certificates, First Communion, and Confirmation Certificates from both parties if applicable)
      • Provide the Non- Refundable deposit for the church donation.
    • After the initial meeting, the couple will be contacted by the wedding coordinator to help with the preparation process


Validation of Marriage (Convalidation)

What is the process if we are currently married to each other outside the Catholic Church (ex.civilly married only) and would like to have our marriage blessed by the church?

    • Please read the Marriage Guidelines and then contact the marriage coordinator to begin the preparation process.

Other Things to Consider

*Please don’t forget to go to Confession before the Marriage. 

For all other questions and inquiries including Covid-19 updates please contact the wedding coordinator.

    • Wedding Coordinator Contact information:
    • Enya Oceguera
    • P: 559-226-1163
    • F: 559-226-2093
    • 2918 N West Ave., Fresno, CA 93705


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